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Promotional products are among the most valuable advertising tools a company can use to aggrandize their business. Besides simply boosting brand visibility, studies have proven that promo items fortify customer loyalty and relationships, as well as lead generation. As if these key points weren’t incentive enough, distributing promotional products is a cost-effective marketing strategy. 

Here at Mills, we not only understand the importance of this kind of marketing, but we want to help you achieve the best results with it, whether you need promo freebies for a tradeshow or even just to treat your employees to some company swag. Promo products and printed goods go beyond office supplies, t-shirts and mugs, and its not uncommon to find that a company is handing out funky finds like monitor cleaners or pocket mirrors doubling as a portable charger. As members of the PPPC (Promotional Product Professionals of Canada), Mills Print & Promotional Products department has access to an ever-expanding database of over a million promotional products that can assist you in showcasing your brand. Browse through our catalogs or check out our showrooms for quick inspiration. Have a specific product in mind? Take advantage of our in-depth search tool. Want to save a little money? Comb through our latest specials! Or let our in-house design and consultation team help you find the perfect mix of trendy or classic items that will keep your company name top-of-mind with your clients and your brand name in the palm of their hands—literally. 

Whether it’s low-cost items for giveaways, high-end items for client retention or attraction, or reward program items for employee recognition, Mills can help build the program that’s right for you. 

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